Conor McGregor VS Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone: Betting Odds & Tips

McGregor vs Cerrone Betting Odds. Where to Bet on McGregor vs Cerrone. How to Bet. How to Bet on McGregor vs Cerrone. McGregor vs Cerrone Betting Odds.

The best odd for Conor McGregor's win is 1.32 at GGBet.

And the best odd for Donald Cerrone's win is 3.70 at BetWinner.

The 2020 year starts with the long-awaited fight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone, which is scheduled for the night of 18 19 January. The fight will be held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as part of the UFC 246 tournament. Bookmakers across the globe concurred in the opinion that Irishman is the favorite of the upcoming fight. To this day, Conor remains the main UFC promotion bringing astronomical amounts of money. And this time, Dana White hopes for an ahead-of-time win for the former lightweight champion.

Betting odds on the outcome of the fight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone.

Sportsbook / Bookmaker Conor Mcgregor Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone

Betting on a fight, especially so memorable, became a kind of tradition. Bets add interest to the fight. Moreover, when bookmakers are confident about the win of one of the fighters. Average odds are similar in all offices. Conor McGregor has been absent from the octagon for a long time and, as known, the last fight result was his defeat. However, everyone expects him to win the upcoming fight. Many people consider that the fight with American is just a warm-up before the next line of wins. Donald Cerrone's fans can bet on his win. In case if he wins, they will receive good gain as a triple odd. The fight is expected to be held in the stand, so an ahead-of-time win is possible from both sides.

UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy - The Showdown

Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone UFC 246 predictions.

Conor McGregor has always been notable for his fiery temper and outstanding performances. Taking fast food off the table and constant training twice a day put the fighter's actions straight. The defeat of Habib could play an instrumental role in in Conor's attitude to professional fighting. Most likely, we will observe the fresh-faced Irishman, who will show a fast and spectacular fight.

Bookmakers and Dana White expect from McGregor the fastest victory in the first round. Betting on Donald Cerrone's win will be risky. Possibly, the upcoming fight will have surprises, but it is far-fetched. The fight prediction is Conor's ahead-of-time win in the first round.

The fight will be held in the stand, with both fighters knowing the technique. However, Conor has more ahead-of-time wins after the knockout. In the fight between McGregor and Donald Cerrone, we recommend betting on McGregor's victory. Yes, the odd is not so high but a confident win is better. An almost guaranteed bet that will come with a probability of 95%.

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Comments: 11
  1. Kent92

    Hello to all who are looking forward to the fight, Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone, bets on bets, I bet on Conor. He’s a very good fighter. I hope he knocks out in the second round. Good Luck Everyone!

  2. Roman

    Judging by the odds given in this article on betting odds, it can be judged that McGregor surpasses his opponent by almost 3 times in basic parameters. I am undeniable for his victory in the ring.

  3. Anton

    To whom this Conor is interesting, he is no longer a fighter, everyone forgot about him, he won the last time 5 years ago, the battles were bought. Conor goes all-in: on January 18, he will either take a giant step toward revenge with Habib, or bury himself an MMA fighter forever

  4. Vasiliy

    I personally will put for McGregor, he is clearly stronger than Showdown and I like McGregor as a fighter very much. And I’m perfectly happy with the betting odds. I’m sure my bet will play.

  5. Anthony Wilson

    I think that Conor McGregor have a better chance of winning. I watched his fights before, and if I bet, then on him. In my opinion he is more experienced. Perhaps the battle will not be short, but in the continuation of the battle he will slowly destroy the enemy.

  6. Suren

    “Cowboy” is a great fighter, and he still has a lot ahead of him, but McGregor is an experienced fighter, he has a special fighting strategy, and this is important. I am sure that until the middle of the fight, McGregor will look at the opponent, and then begin to put pressure on the opponent and win. I’m betting on McGregor, these bets have a great chance of winning. I look forward to the start of the fight!!!

  7. Alex

    For me, this battle is long-awaited, always rooting for Conor, he is a really good fighter engaged in fights for so many years … And not to win? That’s bullshit! I bet on Conor McGregor, he is objectively weak, and he has little experience in the fight compared to Conor. He has every chance of winning, putting his enemy on the shoulder blades. Forward!!!!!!!!

  8. Igor

    Hi everyone, I can’t wait for the most exciting McGregor-Cerrone fight. I bet $ 500 on Conor, I bet on odds bets. I think Conor will win in the second round, he has the strongest punches, the most important thing for him is to catch on to Cerrone. Betting on a fight, especially one so memorable, has become a kind of tradition. Bookmakers and Dana white expect McGregor to win the fastest round in the first round. But I believe there will only be two rounds. Good luck everyone!

  9. Armando

    Good afternoon!
    My priority is Connor McGreggor. I bet on McGregor, since in 2019 he showed a good result for himself, although he lost to the habib. ;-)

  10. Nike

    Hello. It seems that the opponents were caught close to each other, do you think – the chances are equal or not? But I’ll still bet on McGregor, since I’ve been rooting for him for a long time. He is a fine fighter and rarely loses such fights. I think he’ll win fast enough. I’m counting on him very much. My friends and I are looking forward to this match. Go Ahead Connor! Make it!

  11. valentin98

    I weakly believe in the victory of McGregor, because I am sure that all his past winnings were bribed. He is more of an actor than a fighter. And by the way a very bad actor, playing on the audience’s laughter.
    I definetely will bet on Cerrone. He is more professional in sports, in addition, his history of fights looks more presentable.
    A normal guy. Doesn’t show off, but calmly and with dignity goes to his goal.

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